Sitemap - 2021 - Critical Singapore

Median salary in Singapore projected to increase by 3.8% to S$4,850 in 2022 and over S$5,000 in 2023

Pritam Singh’s forgotten role in the allegations about SPF which have never been retracted

Pritam Singh: Lawyer, not leader

Grab: How losing billions and falling 20% on IPO is a path to success in the digital economy

Is Raeesah Khan a PAP mole?

Virtue signalling has (very nearly) sunk the Workers’ Party

Why do left-wingers make things up?

Jamus Lim misunderstands the Nobel Prize winner

Singapore is turning COVID-19 into gold, attracting global businesses with pandemic policies

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How Grab took advantage of COVID-19 to launch new services, boosting revenues to record levels

LKY SPP professor suggests wealth tax for Singapore in the Straits Times. It's a terrible idea.

Indians in Singapore by the numbers

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How many Indians are employed in Singapore through CECA?

Did Lee Hsien Loong just announce a minimum wage of S$1,400?

Yes, Chinese Singaporeans made a concession to other ethnic groups by adopting English as Singapore's dominant language

GIC returns a record 37.5%, reaching S$1 trillion in assets

Shopee is on track to eclipse Alibaba’s entire international e-commerce business by 2022

Would Malaysia stand a chance in a war with Singapore?

How BBC is fabricating news stories about Singapore

Why did Sharanjit Leyl withold her allegations for so long and can we trust her?

Are Mediacorp & CNA discriminating Indians and Malays as TV anchors?


(Analysis + Map) Understanding decisions about Dover forest

How Marxism breeds intolerance - and racism - in Singapore

Handling of the Dover “forest” HDB development has been world-class

Can the PAP claw back opposition wards by leaving them? Maybe, but there's one problem...

Temasek returns only 24.5%, while major stock markets gain 50%: Is the company struggling?

Understanding GIC’s latest results: 52.4% returns over past 5 years, 272.7% over 2 decades

Paradoxically, COVID-19 is helping Singapore Airlines become stronger than ever

The Online Citizen will publish anything as long as it’s negative about Singapore

Biden’s POFMA knock-off makes USA look like a banana republic compared to allegedly “authoritarian” Singapore

Why isn't Singaporean government more boastful about the growing reserves?

Singapore is richer by over S$200B thanks to COVID-19, as Temasek announces record returns

Profit-driven misinformation by the media undermines trust in governance

Where are Singaporean "antiracists" when the victim is Chinese?

How Jack Ma's problems can help fintech in Singapore

Was Amrin Amin racist against other Malays?

Is Western individualism to blame for racial oversensitivity?

Racism in Singapore by the numbers. The city doesn't have a discrimination but a perception problem.

Is it impossible to be racist against the Chinese in Singapore?

Is Lee Hsien Loong's successor already known? And what does Ong Ye Kung's transfer to Ministry of Health reveal about the process?

NUS Law professor breaking the law?

You owe humanity making the most of what you were born with

PAP's best candidate for PM may still be outside of the cabinet

Luxury Belief Class: Why do millionaire kids embrace moralizing activism?

Singapore has achieved what no other country has - low COVID-19 case count & high vaccination rates

Alfian (para)Sa'at comes out as an epidemiologist

The news industry has to be run like the healthcare system in Singapore

Singaporean vultures are out for SPH's carcass

Has Ng Yat Chung failed as a CEO?

Myths, Facts & Figures about SPH - is the company going under?

New Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore? How do the current daily figures compare with other developed nations?

Defying Last Year's Critics, Singapore is now the Best Place in the World to Be During Covid-19 Pandemic

How Immigrants Saved Singaporeans from Losing Jobs During the Pandemic

Is press freedom in Singapore as poor as in... Somalia?

Is Singapore facing a leadership crisis?

Singapore's New PM Has to be a Master of Foreign Affairs & Domestic Communications