Where are Singaporean "antiracists" when the victim is Chinese?

Turns out that racism only matters when it fits the agenda.

"A 33-year-old Singaporean Indian will be charged in court for the offence of public nuisance following his involvement in an attack at East Coast Park. [...] The incident left the victim, a Singaporean, with bruises on his face and abdomen. He was treated at Singapore General Hospital and was not hospitalised."

I gave the topic of this racially-motivated assault a few days to see how its coverage in the media and, in particular, among the Singaporean anti-establishment activists who profess not only to not be racists but label themselves as "antiracists", ostensibly dedicated to fighting racial prejudice.

I anticipated - correctly - that they would not make the tiniest peep about it, as it doesn't fit their sociopolitical agenda.

Remember a few weeks ago, when a Chinese uncle lecturer was telling a mixed couple that Chinese girls should not date Indians and that it is the perception in the society that Indians prey on Chinese girls?

Recorded on video it made one round after another, covered by the media and decried by "activists" as evidence of how deeply troubled and racist Singapore is. They published impassionate statements about how the country remains fractured and the Chinese (like Kirsten Hen) prostrated themselves before the public self-flagellating for their terrible "Chinese privilege".

But when a young Chinese guy gets beaten up by a local Indian, told to "go back to China" or labeled a "Chinese dog", there's not a single comment from the "antiracist" activists...?

Not a sound, not a mention, no public criticism? No call for justice and social harmony?

Of course it's very clear why - these people don't care about fighting racism at all.

They don't care about stability, harmony or coexistence. They thrive on conflict an their false narrative that aims to place blame on all ills of the society squarely on the racial majority - transplanting the methods of the Marxist left from America, which is running similar campaigns in the US (targeting the white majority there).

How many times have we read that "you can't be racist against white people"? Well, it turns out that in Singapore "you can't be racist against Chinese people". Acts of racism or even - in this case - outright violence against a Chinese man do not get nearly as much coverage as any incident that fits the narrative of alleged Chinese oppression of the minorities.

Worst of all, the assailant was clearly an opposition supporter too. Can it get worse? Of course none of the "activists" would dare to cover the story, as it completely upsets their narrative. A minority (Indian), PAP critic, commits a racist attack against a Chinese (majority) man.

Turns out that "antiracists" are quite blind to racism that doesn't fit their twisted worldview. They are only interested in reinforcing the image of alleged majority privilege, trying to divide the society and pit different ethnic groups against each other for sociopolitical goals.

As such not only they are unfit to address any social or political issues accurately - but they can only cause damage, just like their idols in America.