Why do left-wingers make things up?

Their feelings don't care about facts.

So, Singapore has its own Jussie Smollett now. If you're not familiar with American politics, Jussie Smollett is a young, black American actor who claimed in 2019 that he was assaulted by men in masks telling him "it's a MAGA country" etc. It later turned out that the whole "hate crime" was staged and Mr. Smollett is now in court facing charges.

This isn't the only such incident either. A few weeks ago, in Georgia, a black woman was charged with making up racist messages and calling police on alleged KKK harassment. Earlier this year, in Missouri, a racist graffiti left in a school dorm was found to have been done by a minority student, not a "white supremacist".

In 2019, a political scientist from Kentucky State University, Wilfred Reilly, combed through a list of 346 alleged hate crime incidents and found that fewer than one third of them were actually genuine. The rest were hoaxes.

Turns out that the crimes that the left loves to drum up so much are in such a short supply that they have to make them up to defend their ideological positions, rather than accept that reality is not what they think it is.

This is what happened with Raeesah Khan in Singapore.

Placed under pressure, she finally admitted that the sob story of how she accompanied a sexual assault victim to the police station, where SPF officer was allegedly hurtful and unprofessional, never actually happened.

She explained that she picked it up from someone in a survivor support group and added a few details (to make herself look good).

And now, to evoke some sympathy, she claimed she was assaulted herself at the age of 18 (what, I'm quite sure, few people actually believe right now - aside from her devout fans, who are certainly going to find a way to excuse her behavior).

But the crucial question for all of us right now is - WHY does it happen?

It's not just one bad apple, a rare exception. It keeps occurring in one form or another, as entirely inexperienced left-wingers are desperately trying to claim they know things they actually don't know at all.

Let me explain.

The entire ideological position of the left is built on a "(lazy) saviour complex".

These people believe they are here to save something or someone (even though they actually don't know what that might really be or how to do it, so they like to jump into any cause that is currently trendy).

They are vehemently convinced that they are on the right side of history but are also quite aware that they may not have direct experience of any bad thing they seek to change.

They're not from the lower classes or survivors of crime, gender discrimination or racism - but they "heard" somewhere that these are terrible, serious problems that some people have allegedly been victims of, so they join the ranks to fight for their salvation - and a better tomorrow.

Of course, as time goes by, even they understand that it is quite troubling that they haven't experienced racial or sexual abuse, that no evil capitalist has robbed them of their livelihood or and that they haven't been jailed or exiled for their "noble activism".

As they read or hear stories of "survivors" they become jealous of their victimhood, that they want to have a slice of too.

They want to be able to claim moral superiority - which comes with being a victim (or kind-heartedly helping one - particularly against some overwhelming odds; praising police for doing a good job doesn't make for good headlines).

Understandably, nobody wants to go through the ordeal of actually becoming a victim of any crime, and extending help to others requires effort and time. You can't just show up on somebody's doorstep so you can walk them to the police, hoping you can later relay some horrible story of systemic abuse (or, worst of all - it may become clear that this systemic abuse doesn't really exist in practice).

The easiest thing is to just make it up.

After all, you're the virtuous one! You're doing it to help others! And the stories you appropriate from anecdotes are certainly true, aren't they?

Clearly, if you were to say that you overheard it somewhere, nobody would treat you seriously - so you make up the details of your own participation to add some gravity to it...

The topic of sexual abuse isn't the only one either.

Do you remember how Raeesah Khan ranted about Chinese privilege or floated accusations that Singaporean judiciary is biased? Ms. Khan is from a wealthy family of Pakistani-descent, that found a perch here in Singapore, where they could live in peace and prosperity.

And yet she's trying to talk about discrimination?

I could think of others who are playing the race card too, like one millionaire kid Indian writer, who doesn't pull punches and is eager to accuse even those from minorities, who dare to disagree with him about the supposed majority privilege of the Chinese, of "internalised racism" against their own kin.

Other "activists" find that their views lack local demand so much that they have to rely on foreign funding to keep themselves afloat. (Of course, they claim it's a result of some imaginary political oppression rather than their own failure to entice enough people.)

They see themselves as noble fighters for a better Singapore - oblivious to the reality which is that their caterwauling is not particularly convincing to over 80% of Singaporeans who are happy with their democracy (the highest percentage in the world in the latest survey by Pew Research).

Elsewhere, the currently defunct TOC, relied on foreign writers disguised under fake names, pretending to be Singaporeans writing about local affairs. They turned out to have been Malaysian freelancers who may not have even seen Singapore in years (if ever). Even on the ground in SG, TOC chased an elderly lady struggling with dementia to extract a story against the SPF that we are yet to hear an apology for, after it was shown to have been completely false.

I think we can all see a pattern here.

Everywhere you turn - in Singapore and elsewhere in the world - left-wingers are so religious in their self-righteousness that they will happily make things up if it helps their cause.

And they see nothing wrong with this as they believe themselves to be doing "the right thing" - and who can be blamed for good intentions?

After all, they also believe that other people lie too - "so if others lie for the wrong reasons I'm doing the world a favor by lying for the right reasons! I'm still a better person!"

But they never stop to think - "perhaps I'm wrong? What's the data? What are the facts? Is this really a problem?"

Their feelings don't care about facts.

They are so emotionally invested in their fake religion that questioning their own beliefs would upset the very foundations of their worldview. This is a cognitive dissonance that very few people can process - let alone get out of.

It would mean that years - perhaps even decades - of their lives were spent being completely wrong. Or even worse than that: harmful.

And they are.

They are responsible for pitting entire ethnic groups against each other, for undermining the police in fighting crime (not only in SG, just look at America to see where it leads), for turning workers against their employers, for chasing wealthy investors away, for vilifying the successful as "oppressors" of the masses.

All of that while their own contributions to society are as real as the stories they're peddling.