Alfian (para)Sa'at comes out as an epidemiologist

After spending months in hiding, the "playwright" comes out to act out a role himself - a role of an authority passing judgment on how Covid-19 border controls should be handled.

You can read the entire post on his wall here - though not interact, of course, because - like most “freedom lovers” in Singapore, he won’t let you leave a comment to challenge his ignorance. And then hundreds of people fall prey to it, conveniently getting pitted against one of the best administrations in the world in handling Covid-19.

I have to say that a lot of ignorants annoy me on a regular basis but some of the characters in Singapore are downright nauseating. I can understand how people disagree on sociopolitical issues but how corrupt and fake must you be to crawl from under your rock only when there’s the slightest opportunity to complain about the government - particularly one which has carried your entitled backside through this entire crisis without harm?

People like Alfian or Kirsten Han, or other fake posers pretending to care about Singapore and yet attacking it on every occasion, only appear when they can try to lecture someone.

Really? On what basis?

Where do those delusions of grandeur come from? What have you possibly accomplished to come out to preach?


Last year Alfian was gloating how Singapore had 55,000 Covid-19 cases for its 55th anniversary. Oh, how happy he was he could stick it to the big bad government! He of course missed the fact that outbreak happened in the dorms, which have worked excellently at what they were devised to do - protect the local citizens. Within a few months Singapore got everybody tested and its case count dropped to single or double digits, allowing for reopening of the economy.

Unemployment barely budged, most people were protected thanks to government support and the labor market adjusted by shedding excess foreign workforce - as it was designed to do.

Of course you would never learn that from Mr Playwright, because he’s really not into celebrating Singapore’s greatness but rather running it down on every opportunity.

I would like to point out that despite a slight bump in registered cases, Singapore is still way ahead of places like Taiwan, Thailand or South Korea. The change is relatively mild and the administration responded by tightening measures, adjusting them to the circumstances.

But hey, here comes a bloke regularly glorifying Malaysia - which is running out of hospital space for patients as we speak - and he chooses to lecture the government on how to handle the situation or how to report it?

This, mind you, is a guy who only owes his relative popularity to the fact that Singapore is a small country. He’s not a good writer and he’s an absolutely terrible poet, whose “work” would never leave his bedroom in any major market. Yet he apparently knows all about communicating things to the public, even though he himself bans public interaction on his wall (!?!).

There’s a word for people who don’t contribute much but keep attacking and making demands of people who do.