Despite appearances, the sites are far from dead :)
All of the Workers' Party leaders have scored own goals - but the note delivered by Sylvia Lim could be the end of Pritam in politics.
Does Singapore have too much money in foreign reserves? Should MAS spend it to boost the value of SGD and promote imports?
As much as $6500 to $7000 per month can be expected by the end of the decade
Workers' Party leader dismissed the harm done to Singapore Police Force by Raeesah Khan's lies - but seems to have forgotten his involvement in the…
WP leader's testimony revealed lack of decisiveness at the wheel, before the Khan affair spiralled out of control.
Profit is a dirty word if you have global ambitions.
Or why politics shouldn't be fueled by emotions...
A relatively minor affair turned into a career-ender not only for Raeesah Khan but for WP’s entire leadership.
Their feelings don't care about facts.
Despite David Card's rebuttals, his findings on minimum wage continue to be peddled by left-wing economists and politicians as dogma.
The city-state is giving investors a hope of normalcy.